My first AudioFile review!

AudioFile is the leading collection of Audiobook reviewers.

I have seen some amazingly talented narrators and top-notch books in their collection of reviews.

And it's truly a delight and an honor to see that they include indie authors and narrators in their mix.

Here's the great write-up that I got:

Narrator Nik Magill expertly captures this heartbreaking yet truly funny mystery. Retired Philadelphia cop Jim Phillips, a widower, reluctantly moves into a 55+ community in Shady Place, Florida. Still grieving for his beloved wife, Phillips, especially as portrayed by Magill, is endearing and believable. A bit of a loner, he tries to ignore the never-ending flow of visitors. Each sounds authentic—from Indian Sanjay to African-American Tommy to luscious Brit Beverly. Things begin to look up when Phillips recognizes Mike Johnson, even with his toupee and Twizzler, a substitute for a cigar, as a member of the Witness Protection Program. Magill entertainingly presents the seedy Johnson and a host of engaging supporting characters. Listeners will relish hearing Phillips’s long-suffering yet loving daughters, a late-blooming gay romance, and seniors simply having fun. S.G.B. © AudioFile 2017, Portland, Maine [Published: SEPTEMBER 2017]

The original can be found here. And, as always, a huge thanks to David A. Byrne for providing such a fantastic novel to narrate.

Oh, is that my own horn? Excuse me while I - *tootoot*

Just a little update for all you folks waiting for the next big Nik Magill project!

I'm currently recording a really fun book for the talented David A. Byrne, called Shady Place.
It's really funny, slightly wacky, and a great time. I can't wait for ya'll to hear it. I can even see this as a movie, with people like Robert De Niro and Alec Baldwin in the main roles. Like, it's really really good.

And Mr. Byrne seems to be enjoying my work on it thus far as well, as you can see on his site here. A little tidbit:

I’m a little biased here, but I’ve listened to a number of audiobooks from major publishers and I think they paled in comparison.

After Shady Place, I've got the fifth in Marc Secchia's Shioni of Sheba series. I love this series, and Marc has been with me from the very beginning of my career. We've both grown a lot over the year, and I'm so excited to be a part of his storytelling.

This next installment in the series, The Fiuri Realms, is a lot of fun, and throws our dear Shioni into a brand new world of excitement and adventure. Another one I'm pumped to get reading.

So stay tuned, everyone. Lotta good books in the works, as well as some animation and narration projects too.

A Delightful Review

I was fortunate enough to get a delightfully flattering review for one of my most recent projects, Soulstone: Awakening by JA Cipriano. The bulk of my portion is below, but you can find the whole piece here:

This was a pretty easy listen, because it was quick, and I never found it to be overly plodding, even during the level grind, but it was an easy listen because Nik Magill nails the narration. I liked Nik’s narration of one of my favorite books ever, and so seeing his name on this one made me very excited to have a listen. He did a real great job with this one and I enjoyed my 8 or so hours with it. I will definitely put ‘listening to books Nik Magill narrates’ on my to-do list. As I said in my review of the last book I listened to him narrate, his voice is mesmerizing. This sounds a bit like I’m fangirling (and I guess I am in a way?), but I actually mean this as in his voice hits a note, or a timbre or a tone or whatever it’s actually called that just sounds…. nice. I like some narrators because I love the accents they can do, or I love the accents they have. I like this one because I just like the sound of his voice. *shrug*

Check that off of the bucket list...

If you're a great big nerd like me, you'd jump at the chance to be on NPR's news quiz show Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me. So when I did get that opportunity, I did, in fact, jump. I had to hunt down a landline phone, yes they apparently still exist, but I finally found one, and was fortunate enough to get on the Limerick portion. The broadcast date was the 4th of February, 2017. And you can check out that amazing segment here.