Oh, is that my own horn? Excuse me while I - *tootoot*

Just a little update for all you folks waiting for the next big Nik Magill project!

I'm currently recording a really fun book for the talented David A. Byrne, called Shady Place.
It's really funny, slightly wacky, and a great time. I can't wait for ya'll to hear it. I can even see this as a movie, with people like Robert De Niro and Alec Baldwin in the main roles. Like, it's really really good.

And Mr. Byrne seems to be enjoying my work on it thus far as well, as you can see on his site here. A little tidbit:

I’m a little biased here, but I’ve listened to a number of audiobooks from major publishers and I think they paled in comparison.

After Shady Place, I've got the fifth in Marc Secchia's Shioni of Sheba series. I love this series, and Marc has been with me from the very beginning of my career. We've both grown a lot over the year, and I'm so excited to be a part of his storytelling.

This next installment in the series, The Fiuri Realms, is a lot of fun, and throws our dear Shioni into a brand new world of excitement and adventure. Another one I'm pumped to get reading.

So stay tuned, everyone. Lotta good books in the works, as well as some animation and narration projects too.