I listened to the audiobook and the narrator, Nik Magill, was brilliant. His voice is captivating and I felt he portrayed all the characters distinctly and naturally, and I was completely absorbed by the story.
— Rosalyn Kelly, reviewing Dyrk Ashton's "Paternus"
It’s always a good sign when I look for chores to do so I can continue listening to an audiobook! ‘Shady Place’ was one of those books - an entertaining listen with a combo of humor, mystery, and action. An ‘adult community’ is certainly not a setting I’m used to as the main locale of a story, but David A. Byrne made it work perfectly! And Nik Magill’s narration kept me intrigued not only with his rich voice, but also great pacing and some pretty stellar character voices! I look forward to hearing more from this combo!
— review of David A. Byrne's "Shady Place"
Nik Magill’s performance was brilliant. I think it was flawless and he had the accents down perfectly. I loved the fact that he didn’t have to fluctuate his voice to distract from the story. His natural voice was great and I always knew the characters. I really enjoyed the character of Mama Nomuula. A perfect match with author/reader.
— review of Marc Secchia's "The Enchanted Castle: Shioni of Sheba book 1"
The narrator provided an excellent performance in the narration of the book. Although the book was a total of 15 hours, Nik Magill did not once lose his place or the voice of the characters. His talent helped to draw the reader into the story and captivate them into staying as well as the work of Ashton. His light rhythmic voice made listening to the story pleasant. He never went campy nor did he become shrill as some tend to do during epic length books.
— Audiobook Reviewer, reviewing Dyrk Ashton's "Paternus"
He has a pleasant voice and is easy to listen too. The characters are clearly defined. It is subtle, but there is a kind of jaunty tone to his voice lightening the story
— Audiobook Reviewer, reviewing DD Godley's "Refuge Planet"
...lots of great little details that were brought to life by Magill. His performance was flawless and was hard to not listen straight through at once.
— review for JA Cipriano's "The Skeleton King"
Narration can make or break a story, and I thought Nik did a wonderful job narrating! I will certainly look for other books he has narrated in the future.
— review for Amber Fallon's "The Terminal"
I thought the story was strong. When I listened to it today, straight into my ears and into my head, it affected me more than just reading it. I had to take a moment in the parking lot. … He got the voices so right. And oral storytelling is so powerful. OMG the Freak voice! Arm hairs up!
— Deanne Charlton, President, Chief Editor at DCharlton Edits, reviewing Bob Williams's "Pops"
Your audition was perfect for my vision of Cain, aggressive but regretful. A hurtful remark followed by a deep sigh. Tragic beauty of the human existence.
— Ancyforth Hunnington